The Friday Post-Test Pre-Score Activities

Class of 2022 (7 members)

As I wait for the test scores to release, I go through the entire Kubler-Ross gamut, hitting each one of the five stages of grieving.

-Andrew Regoli

I complete my PBL work product, download the next week’s prework and slides, and head home for a hot date with the wife.

-David Zealley

After the Friday tests, I walk to my son’s school to pick him up so we can walk home together and talk about our days.

-Heidi Koschwanez

After the test, I take my doggo on a walk. Then I either go play basketball, or clean my apartment (which I oddly find cathartic). Generally, there’s a bit of whiskey involved somewhere in this process. On the rocks, of course.

-Nathan Stacy

I take a giant fat nap post-test (maybe 2-3 hours) then I check my score after I wake up.

-Tho Nguyen

After the last couple of exams, I’ve gone into Battenfield Auditorium and played on the piano. I’m going to start bringing my saxophone there because I’m pretty sure my roommates don’t need that noise in their lives. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to be in Battenfield, but so far the door has always been unlocked and no one has kicked me out.

-Jordan Strickler

And the winner of the much sought after 5$ reward is….

First, I show my green screen to faculty and walk out of the lecture hall. Then, I walk up the stairs to get to my locker. Once at my locker, I join the group in complaining about the test. After realizing how many stupid mistakes I made, I contemplate studying for Step the whole walk home. I’ll usually call my mom also, who I know is definitely still at work, and leave a voicemail talking about a bunch of science stuff she doesn’t know anything about. Once home, I usually remember how short life is and go play basketball instead.

-Eric Aube

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