Photographic Memories

David Brown, M1, Class of 2023

My name is David Brown and I am an M1 who runs a small photography business, DB Photo Co. I started photography in high school for fun with taking photos of my friends here and there. My freshman year at Kansas State, I got a job as a university student photographer which really allowed my skill to increase as I worked under two very phenomenal photographers. With some guidance, I was able to start DB Photo Co. and begin developing a portfolio as I took on senior photos, graduation photos, engagements/proposals, and weddings over the past four years. Some of my favorite memories have been from behind the camera, and I hope to keep doing photography alongside medicine in the future!


I was originally interested in videography and special effects. I purchased a camera in high school, but didn’t have the additional equipment to start doing video, so I just began taking photos of things around my house. I then started asking my friends if I could take photos of them. Eventually, my friends started approaching me about taking their senior photos and not much later after that I was asked to do weddings!

DSC_4438 copy

I love photography because it gives me full creative control of whatever I am working with. I love being able to have an idea in my head and seeing it come to completion from posing, framing, and editing. Weddings are a lot of fun because I get paid to hang out with the wedding party all day long!


Balancing [photography with other aspects of my life] is tough as I don’t have the time to advertise or schedule shoots like I used to. Editing sets of photos requires a lot of time, so fitting that in with studying is pretty hard. Most of my photography has been sitting on the back burner the past few months, but I am always open to doing shoots or booking weddings.


This wedding kiss shot had to be captured very quickly, but it’s one of the ones I have pictured in my head before the wedding even started. As the bride and groom are walking up they usually keep walking until they get back into the reception area. However, sometimes they stop and get in another kiss. I got very lucky with this photo, because the background ended up being perfectly in thirds (lake/trees, people, grass).


For the wedding dress shot, we had just returned from doing sunset photos, and I noticed this window bringing in a lot of light in a dark room. I thought it would be cool for the bride to broaden her dress to let the light reflect on it. In editing, I dimmed down the background to emphasize the dress in the photo.




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