Stefano Byer, M2, Class of 2022

Incredulous of the report of the malignant lump, my heart tore
To the verses of Robbin’s, I hastily implored
What fate lies ahead for my family’s core?
We’ve been branded a diagnosis
Praying for a positive prognosis

But alas for Triple negative, the hardback’s consultation is
She thought that triple negative was actually a positive
The name “triple negative” is deceptive
for the carcinoma’s true nature is caustic, pejorative
Nonetheless, as chemo filled her veins
It diffused, percolating throughout our house
Slowly joy and laughter left us, from by the sedatives it was doused
I, her son, her medical student; I her guide in this dream gone awry
Translate medical verses and prose
Holding steadfast; perhaps we may cry

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