Winter Comes and With it, Rain

J.R. Lott, M4, Class of 2020


 Its only spring now,
but I’ve seen the fall leaves
as they tumble down branches,
giving their all to slow
their gentle descent.

How the spring mocks fall.
“Leaves have no place on dirt!”
They are the pride of the tree.
After all, the tree displays
all her leaves to the sky.
But the fall has no say;
Her leaves must fall to earth
as every fall has done
since their leaves first sprouted
in the warmth of spring.
And fall sees winter
quickly approach her.
A cool rain drenches the dirt,
but her leaves still drop down
to that frigid ground.
She sees it nearer,
upon her own doorstep.
And with the rain now passed,
fall gives her last sunshine
to warm the cold ground.
That the fall’s last leaves
might find the sun’s warmth there.
And as winter comes,
so does the spring.

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