A “Virtual” Trip to the Movies

 Hosain Ghassemi, M1, Class of 2023

There is something special about seeing a movie in theaters. In the wake of the current crisis, not being able to has probably been one of the simplest pleasures that I’ve come to miss the most. Before the social distancing measures, each Friday was an opportunity to go out and see a movie. On B weeks especially, this weekly tradition offered a chance to celebrate or escape the two weeks before.

The shuttering of movie theaters across the country isn’t all bad, as it provides an opportunity to explore movies that I would never have seen otherwise. There are some movies that, despite any logic, have been met with critical acclaim. One of these films star’s the intrepid duo of Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Coming off the recent success of Kindergarten Cop, Arnold Schwarzenegger finds himself again in a role that you would not expect. I have yet to actually watch all of Junior, a film released before I was born,  but a quick look at the trailer brings many more questions than answers to the reasons for it’s success.

This movie gardened Mr. Schwarzenegger and Ms.Thompson Academy Award nominations. The 90’s, what a time.

Movies like these offer a window back into the not too distant past, but really the best part of watching anything is talking about the show/movie/sporting event with your friends afterwards.  While I can still chat with friends over face-time and zoom, there is something lost when you watch alone.

There are, though, a host of tools that can help fill this gap! Whether it be through chrome extensions, like netflixparty and other online services, you can watch movies with your friends online.

While Junior may not be your first choice,  a simple search on Netflix for “Movies from the 1990’s” offers such classics as Good Burger and Philadelphia among many others. The rise of these online tools has offered a more meaningful way of staying connected with friends, both past and present, and may bring a whole new meaning to movie night.

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