Adventures in Acrylic Pouring

By Betsy Cha, M1, Class of 2023



Cygnus (3’x4′, Fluid acrylics)


Anura (2’x4′, Fluid acrylics)

I’ve always really loved art. Way back in elementary school, I started drawing personalized cartoons and trading them to my classmates for erasers. Then in high school I started my own art business called Cha Design. I started using sharpies to make and then sell personalized shoes. I also began shooting photography and making abstract art with acrylics and alcohol inks. Going into M1 year, I started experimenting with fluid acrylics (which are pictured here). Basically, you mix paint with an additive (I use floetrol) to lessen the viscosity to let the paint flow and be manipulated once on the canvas. Some colors I add silicone to bring out cell-like patterns and also blow torch over the wet painting to bring out the circular features. The prep and pouring take me around 4-5hrs for larger pieces, such as Cygnus or Anura. Since they’re getting so large, my mom now assists me in tilting the wet painting to get the movement and features I’m looking for; it’s been a nice bonding activity since COVID and staying at home. I hope to do a lot more during this time as I want to have some positive aspects from this period. I’m really excited about the medium and style, and hope to continue improving as I learn from each painting experience.

Betsy Cha


Bulla (Fluid acrylics)


Harenae (Fluid acrylics)

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