Cross Stitching: Family, Fundraising, and Fun

By Rachel Holder, M1, Class of 2023


Three Cats at the Winter Window (Cross stitch)

I got into cross stitching because it was something my mom did for fun. When I was little, she always had needle and thread in her hands. She would cross stitch, sew clothes, and create beautiful felt stockings. One day, I asked if I could help, and I found I had a knack for stitching and sewing. We made scrunchies for my hair, place settings for the table with fun fabric patterns, and Halloween costumes. I didn’t actually get into cross stitching until middle school because it does take some effort to follow the patterns, and there were not a ton of kid-friendly options back then. My first projects were bookmarks (I still make those today for fundraising along with larger projects). It became a stress reliever for me and something we could do together. She and I could sit for hours with good movies on the TV and a project to work on in our hands. We still stitch together when we visit her and my dad in St. Louis.

Rachel Holder


Teddy Tea Party (Cross stitch)


The Lord’s Prayer (Cross stitch)

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