Favorite Activities: Post-Exam and COVID-19

Amidst all of the changes with COVID-19, one thing that has stayed the same for the KUMC Class of 2023 is exams and the post-exam, pre-score period – now complicated by having much less to distract us while we sit at home and wait. We asked some members of the M1 class about their favorite post-exam traditions (and whether they’ve changed), as well as if they have found any new favorite social distancing activities. 

Post-Exam Traditions

Before quarantine, my favorite test-day tradition was walking to and from campus while listening to an audio book! (It’s been Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix for the past several weeks). I only live 20 minutes away, so it was a great way to de-stress. When I got home, I would go grocery shopping, clean my house, and get ready for a date night with my fiance. Anything to keep myself from checking email! These days, the general idea of my post-test ritual is still the same: I avoid my laptop and get outside. Fortunately, with the extra time quarantine has given me, I’ve been enjoying bike rides and hill sprints in the late afternoon after I’m done studying, and I’ve been baking and cooking every day. Quarantine isn’t all bad! – Jess Capps

A cheeseburger and fries. Preferably five guys, but open to suggestions.  – Betsy Cha

After the test, I like to walk over to Bambu to get boba tea with my best friends. Then I usually go home, treat myself to some chocolate, wine, and “relaxation” until the scores are up.  – Kendra Garetson

 An hour nap (or more), then a make-up workout. – Aidan Murray

Go to the park with my girls!. In the winter we’ll do things like who can find the biggest icicle, or watch squirrels bury nuts, and now that it’s warmed up we’ll chase the squirrels and try to guess bird calls. – John Hogge

Drink a beer and go for a run. In that order. Chances are, I didn’t do much of either of those things leading up to the exam, so I have to do them both on Friday. – Hannah Moran

I’d like to relax and catch up on shows for a little bit then clean my apartment or go work out. I definitely try to catch up with family/friends and spend time with my boyfriend as well. – Luisa Moncada Lopez

After the exam, I walk over to Bambu for some boba tea or coffee with friends while commiserating about exam questions and trying not to kick myself too hard to changing answers last-minute. After boba, I head home and try to distract myself until test scores are released. This distraction takes on many forms: sharing my feelings about the test with family members; cuddling with my pet rabbits; binge-watching “Love is Blind,” any of the various seasons of “The Bachelor,” or “Tiger King;” or planning out my food consumption for the evening. Once scores are released, I act on my food consumption plans and often will buy takeout from Panda Express and continue to binge watch any of the aforementioned TV shows with a mouthful of Chinese food. – Allie Goodrich

Favorite Stay-At-Home Activities

Cooking! Instagram has been a source of inspiration (I follow NYTimes Cooking and Bon Appetit, etc.) and only try recipes that seem very simple and non time-consuming. It’s also just really soothing to watch cooking videos on YouTube. There’s no shortage of them! – Hannah Moran (Editor’s note: Hannah was kind enough to share a few of the recipes for you to try, as well: Caramelized Shallot Pasta, Sheet-Pan Salmon and Broccoli, Vegetarian Skillet Chili, and Spicy White Bean Stew)

I’ve been learning the most random skills- magic tricks, sign language, and recipe-free baking, to name a few. Each weekend I add one new obscure skill that I want to learn; I usually try to keep them quick and simple. I’ve found that it helps keep me engaged and interested during my time at home. It also forces me to make and meet goals, which I find really helps keep the despair at bay. – Anonymous

Taking naps with my dog, Jack. He’s small, soft, and snores, so it’s a pretty perfect combo for an afternoon break. – Betsy Cha

Studying for medical school has kept me busy. Other than that, catching up on ‘trending’ series (e.g. Tiger King). – Aidan Murray

Work out and FaceTime with family and friends! – Luisa Moncada Lopez

I’m pretty sure this goes without saying, but I have watched every show on Netflix I could have ever wanted, and in between episodes, I’ve been taking walks around the park to remind myself that there is still a world out there and we’re not actually living in the apocalypse, even though it might feel like it. – Allie Goodrich

The stay-at-home order has really forced me to face the long list of home improvements I’ve been avoiding for the past year. Luckily, that list had grown to a size that has kept me more than busy for the last few weeks. The grass seed is down, porch lights are strung, the garden bed has been established, and my compost pile is well on its way to being some BEAUTIFUL dirt. The list is still long, but so is this stay-at-home order. Next on the list is building a planter box to grow some mint – it’s almost mojito weather and there’s nothing better than homegrown mint as the main ingredient. Lmk hmu if you’d like to be on the Booth Farms mint distribution list.  – Kate Dixon

My husband and I adopted a dog!! As such, a lot of my time has been dedicated to helping her adjust to life in a new home. It has been wonderful, and has kept me mostly sane! Also, anything I can do outside has been so so life giving!- Kendra Garetson

And the winner of the widely sought, random $5 prize is John Hogge:

I love playing Legos with my kids. We’ve got a huge bin with the leftover parts of many, many Lego sets. We’ll make dragsters, garages complete with a movable front door, and of course spaceships! They love it – and I do too!

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