A Shadow in the Light


If all we see is our own goodness,

but reject the darkness within,

where does that really put us?

When our side is the only truth,

the world around us crumbles,

and spiritual death takes our youth.

But what if we see our evil,

listen to the figure calling from the dark wall,

the voice who tries to catch us

well before we fall?

Oh, how chaos loves the unconscious mind,

those wandering blindly through life.

Yet we remain unconscious

and seek pleasure to avoid the strife.

We support the weak to make ourselves feel good,

but deep down within it all

is self-righteousness that creates a world to be withstood.

But what if we looked within,

looked at that man behind the curtain?

He who pulls the strings,

now we can be certain.

Maybe, just maybe, if our moral compass is true,

we can save the world: by finding me, I see what lies within you.

For all of us have a shadow;

we are not just a beam of light,

and looking within that shadow

will help us see what’s Right.

For many of the passionate causes we join

tend to be two sides of the same coin.

So be mindful, my dear friends,

of those strong emotions within.

For these feelings you sense

are what will help you transcend.

Anger is but a mirror

reflecting a vivid uncertainty,

but only when you look at yourself

will you see your absurdity.

When fear knocks at your door,

that pit of darkness and despair,

your strength will be found within you;

by facing it, you will find repair.

So now you know the secret, my friends,

to heal the earth for good.

Fix yourself first,

and the world will be as it should.

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