Fall into Crafting

Alexandra Davidson, M1, 2024


From a young age, I have enjoyed making decor for everyday use or holidays. My mom got me hooked on making holiday wreaths over 10 years ago when she asked me to help her refurbish one; I lost count of how many I have made since. My granny taught me how to sew when I decided that I wanted to make my own Halloween costume in 6th grade.

With the exception of volunteering in the Costume Departments of the K-State Theater Program and the ballet company I used to dance with, Ballet Midwest, I have moved away from making clothes in favor of holiday decorations like pillows and Christmas tree skirts. My projects are usually inspired by the desire to repurpose something (like a bridesmaid dress I was never going to wear again; it got turned into decorative throw pillows for the bride) or by something I stumble upon in a store that I love. The latter was the case with the three pieces shown in this submission. For the Halloween wreath, I was captivated by the glittery purple and orange helices, for the Halloween pillow, it was the cat and pumpkin fabric, and for the fall wreath, it was an arrangement of fluffy, orange balls

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