Kiatana’s Right Angle Resin

Kiatana Ferguson-Square, M2, Class of 2023

This past year, while stuck indoors, I took up the hobby of resin art. At first I was very nervous. I had spent months watching videos on how to go about it, but I saw the price of materials and figured this would be a lot to invest and possibly not worth it. Then one day I got the courage to just try. My first piece was a globbed mess that turned out nothing like I intended; but I felt then I knew what not to do, so I gave it another attempt. As the weeks went on, I continued practicing and eventually began sharing my pieces on social media. After making coasters, canvases, trays, journals, and so many other amazing things for myself, many of my friends suggested I begin selling my artwork. I organized a website, set up an Instagram account (@Rightangleresin), and began displaying and sharing my passion! Selling my artwork has required me to be more intentional and creative, and it has definitely brought out beautiful pieces. I am very excited about a new “series” of pieces I’ve been making called “I love your natural,” which is a mold of a black woman with an afro on which I depict nature scenes. I’ve tried to also name each piece after various African goddesses that capture the nature scene. I am thrilled with the outcome each time because resin is very free form and impossible to replicate exactly. Each piece is unique and an opportunity to be beautiful in its own way, and that is so special to me.

If anyone is interested in purchasing art for themself or as a gift, feel free to check out my website

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