Medical School in 2020

Alexandra Davidson, M1, Class of 2024

Every year, an art contest is held on the Salina Campus of KU School of Medicine. One short written piece and one 2D art piece, such as a photograph or drawing, is selected to be added to our upstairs gallery of student art. Since first touring the campus as an aspiring applicant in 2019, it has been a goal of mine to have something I created be added to the gallery. I have spent several months pondering what I should submit and ultimately decided on a photograph that attempts to capture some of how it looked and felt to be a medical student last fall, at least from my perspective. Even though I don’t love the vintage wooden blinds in the background, they are what surrounds the desk I have studied at attended lectures at for so many hours in the home office that I share with my husband (it is still in the process of being renovated). The Willie the Wildcat in the background has sat on my desk since I was an undergrad at K-State and reminds me of how I got where I am today. The mask I wear every day is present on the table, indicating I am by myself at my computer, and shows wear from so many washes. Goldfish crackers was a snack I may have enjoyed a bit too often during long study sessions. The phone is actually borrowed from my husband because I wanted to use my own to take the photo.

I may make one more draft of the photo before the art contest or submit it as is. It is easy for me to criticize certain aspects of it, but at the same time, I feel some of the imperfections add to the realness of what I was trying to depict, a certainly less than perfect situation.

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