la mer

Vinamratha Rao, M2, Class of 2028

as the sun glints 

off beads of brine 

braided in my hair

I watch from my boundless home, 

a prison at times like this,

as my love leans

past the shore

with one of her hands 

in loose grip of slicked rock

and the other 

dangling the mouth of a jar 

into the jaws of the sea.


my beloved retreats

to place a lid upon her prize

and to set it in the row of brimming glass 

that shine around the heels 

of her salt-stained boots.

in bottled blue, murky brown, flourishing green, rusting red,

and my favorite—paling pink

—are the waters 

that even the strongest current

would fail to deliver me to.


but it is enough for me to hear

the tales of each color,

as my treasure works silver tools

against the mossy underside 

of her sharp stone stoop,

to finally hold shavings of rippled rock

like precious gems.


my cherished speaks in wonder

of creatures hidden 

in her bottles and scraps,

and how lives unseen

hold missing keys 

to doors of a forgotten past 

and an unfolding future.


suspended with billions 

of those tiny mysteries

in the swaying tide,

I look up to my adored

and ask,

                                                            “but what of the present?”


my dearest stares at the door 

of my never-ending home

with new eyes,

as beats of stilled silence 

unfold into an invitation

to witness life existing

beyond water held still

and stone cut from the earth.


when her curious grin 


my smile of assurance,

I grasp the hands 

of my one and only

and pull her with me

into the deep blue.


And when the day arrives

I’ll become the sky

And I’ll become the sea

And the sea will come to kiss me

For I am going


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