Alexandra Davidson, M3, Class of 2024

I enjoyed fashion and accessorizing from a young age. As my baby became more curious and dextrous, he began to pull and chew my necklaces. I was worried about his safety, as well as potential damage to my necklaces, but was sad at the prospect of no longer being able to wear one. I combed Etsy looking for baby and toddler-friendly necklaces and couldn’t find anything that I felt fit my style and didn’t look cheesy. I found a company that sells nontoxic silicone beads designed for chewing, and started designing my own kiddo-friendly necklaces, also known as “chewelry.” I started just making pieces for myself, then friends, then started a small shop on Etsy, ChewtiqueUnique. You can also follow ChewtiqueUnique on Instagram to see a variety of the designs I have made.

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