a bite of you, a bite of me

Vinamratha Rao, MD-PhD Third Year

I lay beside you

and dream of

our becoming

at the close.


Will our skin slip off

into a heap

of tangled velvet ribbons

on this plush earth,

where sleepy worms burrow?


Will the fat drip 

from our bones

into shimmering pools

heated by the furnace,

leagues below?


We will begin again

in the same dirt.


Why wait?

Let our spines creak

like dusty piano keys


our tendons snap 

like violin strings.

Make room,

as I reclaim my birth

in the cacophony

to bloom silently in your ribcage.


Dreams will not feed 

this hunger.

For when we part,

I remember

I am trapped in this whole,

to rot alone.

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