The Blue Hour


There’s a moment in the morning,

where the nocturnal sky begins to meet the new day,

a reunion of the dark night and the burning crimson sky. 


yet even before the celebration of the sun rising,

blue hues beginning to fill the streets,

a subtle and gentle awakening


as creation stretches her limbs and opens her eyes,

as the birds sing and the bugs begin their daily journey,

we are gifted the chance to join in that peace and joy

an opportunity to dance, sing, cry, and be still


when I reflect on the beauty of this moment,

I can’t help but recognize how much more rewarding it is to rejoice during this blue hour, during this time before the sun rises


so many can rejoice and bask in the sunlight, 

but it takes an intentional kind of joy and peace to seek out the blue hour


I believe you, my child, seek out this very moment,

you don’t wait for the suns command to celebrate,

you don’t derive your fuel when the world is oversaturated with polarizing light.


I praise you for your commitment towards relationships,

and specifically your relationship with you. 

as you step into the new day,

I speak this over you:


keep pursuing the blue hour with rigor and grace. 

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