The Imposter monster on Mother’s Day 

Harmony Saunders, MD/PhD Student, Class of 2026

The girl in my bag 
You are so ugly. Try to hide your face. If you peek out of that bag, everyone will know. 
You’re different
Keep a secret. Safe inside this skin. Don’t let anyone know that ugly girl within. Smile as you belong, full of confidence, but hide that ugly girl, the one behind the fence. 

The ugly girl you are, that fought your way to be
Pretend it was all handed to you, like the many you see. 
Oh ugly girl inside, don’t share the suffering felt 
Don’t share the pains of never loved, don’t share the tears you wept 
Ugly girl just stay, 
Inside the dark brown bag
That way no one will know that inside, you are just sad

You work so hard to fight, since that’s all you’ve ever known 
Is how to survive without a father, and a mother who was never home 
The ugly girl in the bag, her fate could never be
The one outside who shines, full of accomplishments and ‘feat 
And when you feel that pain, that longing that appears 
Whenever those around you speak of things you never felt 

No mother to call in tears, only one who cries 
Pretending she doesn’t need a shot, a joint to ease her demise 
A mother full of illness because she never buried her girl 
You know, that one – the one, the ugly girl inside 

You boil feelings for her, but she never learned as much as you, 
How to keep the ugly nice, and tame inside a zoo

Your mother will never be anyone but that one inside a van 
That one who cries of pain by singing to a man 
The one hides her drug of choice without knowing everyone can see, 
She’s just an addict, not someone’s mother of 5 girls in glee 

That mother never learned like you, to hide the ugly girl 
The one you bury daily, and just smile so no one would ever know 
That really you are your mother’s child 
Just lost and sad at times 
But you learned to hide that ugly girl and keep your pain inside 

Your drug of choice was passion 
To hide the woes you wept 
You chose to hide that ugly girl and funnel her and dreamt 
A world that you have made, 
Full of those unlike you 
You know you’re really different 
And the true girl is ugly you. 

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