Welcome to Med Intima — a creative online publication dedicated to community, creativity, and culture at the University of Kansas Medical Center’s schools and programs.

The mission of this publication is threefold:

  1. To commemorate the art and science of medicine. Medicine is more than the atoms that compose our perfect human anatomy and the healing of disease. Let us remember that medicine is both art and science.
  2. To challenge our thoughts, reflections, opinions, views, and perspectives. Our journeys, though together, are individual. Our values and experiences differ, allowing for mutual respect in the sharing of differences. Let us grow together amidst our differences and difficulties.
  3. To celebrate the unique, intimate story of each individual. The nature of our programs and education oftentimes prevents students from interfacing deeply with each other. Let this be a space for narratives to be shared, stories to be read, and conversations to be had.

Med Intima‘s mission is achieved through the following categories: art, literature, and narrative. Art is the home of artwork ranging from dance to photography to sketches. Literature is the home of students’ original writing. Finally, Narrative is the home of students’ personal stories and journeys as told through interviews. 

Disclaimer: The art, opinions and voices are the views of our contributors, not of the University of Kansas School of Medicine or University of Kansas Medical Center.