Meet the Team

Med Intima Editorial Board

QeeQee Gao
Class of 2022

QeeQee Gao is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of Med Intima. Inspired by her love for storytelling and interest in the humanistic dimension of medicine, QeeQee created Med Intima in fall 2018 during her first year of medical school to be a haven for creativity and expression. In her future career, she hopes to combine her love for humanities and science with policy and innovation to recreate the health care landscape. Outside of school, QeeQee enjoys learning languages, listening to podcasts, and playing piano. She graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in biology. 

Aroog Khaliq
Narrative Editor
Class of 2025

Aroog Khaliq is the current Editor-in-Chief and a former Narrative Editor for Med Intima. After majoring in English (and psychology) as an undergraduate at the University of Kansas, Aroog knew she wanted to carry her passion for writing into her medical journey. When she isn’t studying or writing poetry, Aroog likes to bake elaborate desserts, spend time outdoors, and read just about anything. Though she has edited opinion articles for the University Daily Kansan as an undergraduate and worked with other literary magazines, Aroog is excited for the unique opportunity to connect the diverse KUMC community to writing and humanistic thinking via Med Intima.

Trent Edwards
Art Editor
Class of 2025

Trent Edwards is an Art Editor for Med Intima. He graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Art Practice in 2019. He primarily pursues art via photography, both digital and analog. In his free time, Trent also enjoys spending time outdoors and watching movies. Through Med Intima, he hopes to explore the intersection between art and science as means of understanding the human experience. He believes these pursuits will help him, and his peers, better connect with and care for future patients.

Maggie Golshani
Literature Editor
Class of 2025

Maggie Golshani is a Literature Editor for Med Intima. She has always had an interest in both the sciences and literature, so she graduated from Drake University with degrees in Neuroscience and English. At Drake, she discovered her love for short forms of writing, specifically flash fiction and nonfiction. Beyond studying, Maggie enjoys going on walks around the city, trying out different KC restaurants, and curating Spotify playlists. Maggie is excited to join Med Intima and connect with the members of KUMC through written pieces.