Origins of the Name

Med (Latin) | medicine

In•ti•ma (Latin) | innermost

Med intima captures the depth in which medicine is a technical manner — intima, anatomically, is the innermost layer of a blood vessel. Med Intima also captures the profundity in which medicine is in a humanistic manner — an intimate conjunction between science and humanities; physician and patient; life and death.

The inspiration behind the Med Intima logo was the apparent dichotomy between the calculated and reservedness of the health professional with whom the patient or client interacts and the fullness of life a health professional leads outside of healthcare. As such, the sharply defined and mutely colored stethoscope on the left half of the logo is indicative of the calculated and reserved nature of the professionalism of Healthcare, which is juxtaposed with the full gamut of KU’s color palatte in the expressive curvature of the abstraction of the stethoscope for the right half of the logo as symbolic of the curiosity and creativity every person harbors within, all of which is unified in portraying the underlying form of the stethoscope, as each of these potentially contrasting elements are unified within and harnessed by the same individual. This juxtaposition and unity is mirrored by the font of “Med Intima”, with the strength and sharpness of “Med” further reinforcing the ideals of evidence-based practice, and the flow and expressivity of “Intima”, which is unified through the maintenance of the primarily blue font color.

The intentional exception to this continuity of color across the font is to further emphasize the intimate nature of the content shared on Med Intima, in that, as with a vessel, the outer surface (i.e., the tunica adventitia, symbolized in blue) is the most observable, while deeper surfaces (i.e., the tunica media, symbolized in yellow; and the tunica intima, symbolized in red) are less readily observed without external measures, the most fundamental and core element of which being the Intima. Hence, Med Intima not only provides a haven for creativity to flourish, but also provides a glimpse into the core of that which maintains the humanity of those whose career is the support of human health and well-being.

— Daniel Rittle, Med Intima designer