Let Them Eat Cake

 Hannah Billings, M1, Class of 2023

My name is Hannah Billings, I am a first-year medical student who runs a local cake pop business, Cake on a Stick LLC.

From hobby to business . . . Cake on a Stick began as a creative outlet, paired with a passion for baking. After trial and (many) errors, techniques were perfected, and delicious masterpieces were made. While the process of baking is enjoyable, the real fun was in sharing with family and friends. And thanks to the encouragement and supportiveness of the early taste-testers, Cake on a Stick was born and it’s poppin’!

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A Summer in Food

by Aquib Jamil, M2, Class of 2022

For me, cooking has always been a form of creative expression. It’s unique in that there are set guidelines that one can and should follow, but variation and combination of these guidelines allow for an almost infinite number of possibilities. As a skill, it provides people the opportunity to grow and create in a very forgiving and approachable way. Since my first year of undergrad, I have used cooking as a way to relieve stress. Alongside its practical function of producing food, I have found that cooking is an incredible way to learn more about culture and history all over the world. There is always some new technique to learn or some new recipe to perfect, and that process is something I really appreciate.

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