A Glimpse of Guatemala

A Glimpse of Guatemala

Nature’s Window. Lake Atitlan and San Pedro, framed by foliage, as seen from halfway up Volcan San Pedro.

By Alyssa Belford, M1, 2023

Spring break for Alyssa Belford came with an opportunity to explore another part of the world. Experience some of the sights from this year’s cohort of students who traveled abroad to Guatemala. From the picturesque views, to candid moments of daily life, Alyssa’s photos help bring us all to this place between the waters.

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Big Sur

by Katelyn Schumacher, Class of 2022

After taking Step 1, I traveled to California to camp out in Big Sur where there is no phone service. We slept under the redwoods, woke before sunrise, and spent time hiking and taking in all the stunning views. This photo is of the iconic Bixby Creek Bridge, which is one of the most highly photographed places. It was so stunning, so I spent a while trying to capture it the best I could!

Adventures Abroad – The Travels of Nadia Nawabi

Adventures Abroad – The Travels of Nadia Nawabi
Nadia Nawabi, M1, Class of 2022

In the Summer of 2016, Nadia Nawabi travelled to Uganda as the president of Globemed at UMKC. She stayed in Uganda for 2 months and lived as a local would in a rural village. She mentioned that living as a local meant she only had the opportunity to bathe maybe once a week if she was lucky and she primarily ate foods similar to vegan faire during the entire duration of her trip. Nawabi spoke of the fundraising efforts of the Globemed organization at UMKC to raise funding for a clinic in rural Uganda. The organization sends a team to the clinic every summer to speak with the clinic staff and locals and to better ask what projects they need to allocate the funds towards. This allows the Globemed organization to build a better relationship with the community utilizing the clinic, as well as allowing the students to take the time to understand what the people there want and what they believe they need the most. UMKC Globemed also helps carry out projects with the locals, and Nawabi had the opportunity to implement a sanitation and sexual health project. The project began with Nawabi and her fellow classmates giving lectures on sanitation ans sexual health at local schools. She noted that the greatest memory she took from this trip was the smiles she saw there everyday.

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